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Emporium Specialties furnishes many industries with small parts:  headed and formed wire parts, press formed and stamped parts.  We also product powder metal parts, glass forming burners, and air clutches for industrial machines.


We are a rural family factory built on a foundation of quality - oriented workman.  Located deep in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania, our people have been continually pioneering new techniques in the manufacture of small parts for generations.  It is their accumulated experience, skill and intense pride in their accomplishments that is our most valuable asset.  This intangible is incorporated in our products and is a plus our customers can look forward to receiving.


A corollary asset is our unique equipment, developed internally over the years and subjected to continue our improvement.  Our ability to produce increasingly intricate parts, with increasing efficiency, has grown and evolved along with the needs of our customers.  Our broad range of parts permits our customers to realize savings in time and effort in procurement from the one source.

Equipment and Inspection

In addition to internally designed equipment, we have a number of standard machines (Bliss, Niagara, and V & O presses and also machines made by Nilson, Baird, and others), many equipped with our own high-speed feed.  Multi-slide and special indexing equipment eliminate many secondary operations.

        Comparators are used for in-process inspection, and production and inspection records are kept on file for an extended period of time.  Packing records identify each production lot, which, in turn, fixes responsibility for quality on individuals within our organization.



We work every day with such base materials as copper, silver, gold, nickel, brass, stainless steel, phosphor bronze, cold rolled steel and with our seal materials (rodar, kovar, kulgrid, durnet, 180 alloy, 52 alloy, etc.).  We have our suppliers certify the chemical analysis of materials supplied and carry the responsibility of the contents of the materials.  If your are in doubt as to the type of material suitable to do the job, we will be glad to help with a recommendation or sample.  Temper, finish and plating requirements, e.g. thickness and solderability, are some of the matters that may be considered.




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